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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: Copy Cataloging for VR and AR

Copy cataloging VR and AR models in OCLC’s Connexion

Records in Connexion can be used as is or can be modified to meet local needs in the local catalog.
Please do not edit records in Connexion to meet local needs.


Pull up item to catalog (use OCLC number if available, otherwise use title and Lifeliqe as publisher)

Verify record is the correct one

Import into your ILS

Modify 500 notes to meet local needs

a. Note: “Part of the curriculum for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification at Great Basin College, Western Nevada College, College of Southern Nevada and Truckee Meadows Community College.” May be edited to meet local needs or left as is
b. Note: “Contact your local Nevada public library ( for pre-loaded virtual reality headset availability.” Should be edited to refer to your library or the nearest library with the headsets, and may be edited to include information about local headsets
c. Add notes as needed according to local policy

5. Subject headings (6xxs) – recommend leave alone, but delete FAST headings if
local policy requires. Strongly recommend leaving in local subject headings as these terms are not yet available in LCSH

6. Delete/modify URLs (856s) as needed locally

a. For example removing links to other colleges’ programs
b. Update the link for the public library directory to point to your library’s headset program
c. Update the link to the item (1st 856) if there is a preferred local link to it

7. Create a call number if local policy requires

WorldCat links to CNA VR & AR materials

FULL Virtual Reality Simulation as Course Companion: 
 CNA simulation #1357500411

3D Objects related to the CNA learning objectives that apply across allied health/biology courses:
 Circulation of the Blood #1104391981
 Heart #1124932458
 Skin Turgor – Pediatric and Geriatric Hands #1348615875
 Skin #1109736965
 Pulse Oximeter #1348616318
 Stethoscope #1348616341
 Body Thermometer Types #1348617164
 Blood Pressure Monitor #1348616516
 Knee Joint #1104496049
 Structure of Skeletal Muscle #1104497154
 Skeleton #1104496110
 Muscular System #1104392064
 Respiratory System – Breathing #1348616389
 Lower Portion of Respiratory Tract #1119723126
 Upper Portion of Respiratory Tract #1348617229
 Alveolar Sacs #1104495437
 Cannulation #1348618732

Virtual reality Dialysis Cataloged in WorldCat

Dialysis Simulation #1164334494
AV Fistula #1142848141
AV Graft #1154771451
Aneurysm #1359057505
Section of Dialyzer Head #1154789967
Dialyzer #1154789234
AV Needle #1154790000
Butterfly Tape Technique #1359063526
Cannulation #1348618732
Central Venous Catheters (Inserted) #1359065691
Cuffed-tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter #1154796095
Hemodialysis Machine #1154796145
Heparin Pump #1154796356
Needle Property – Needle Tip Shape #1362529543
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy #1362895774
Needle Placement Techniques #1362691799
Blood Pump #1362692510
Retrograde and Antegrade Needle Placement #1362813350
Healthy and Damaged Kidney #1154798782
Stenosis #1362894523
Ultrasonic and Optic Detectors #1154798578
Circulation of the Blood #1104391981
Heart #1124932458
Patient Care Dialysis Technician (Field trip) #1350277294