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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: FAQ Nevada Career Explorer

1. What's the difference between an Explorer and a Navigator account?

 Explorer Account

Users who are students, unemployed, underemployed, or new job seekers looking to explore and begin planning for new career opportunities. Explorers will be encouraged to explore careers, find information about post-secondary education, and learn about training programs. Explorers have access to Nevada labor market data sources, assessments, and available Short Course Training Opportunities for precision career navigation. Access to new, immersive technology and types of media such as 3-D objects and 360-degree videos. An Explorer has the option to connect and be case managed by a Career Navigator for 1:1 personalized career guidance and navigation.


 Navigator Account

A Navigator account has user management capabilities designed to manage and track explorers. All Community of Practice workforce professionals will use the Navigator account. Navigators will have access to explorers to better assist them in understanding Nevada's labor market, focusing on in-demand careers within Nevada's resilient STEM industries. Navigators can assist explorers in connecting with college partners, workforce boards, and other eligible service providers to start an eligible short course training that leads to industry-recognized credentials.


Explorer Dashboard                                      Navigator Dashboard


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1. How do I create my Navigator account?

All community of practice members representing Project SANDI for their organization need to create a Navigator account. Follow the step-by-step instructions handout below for your type of organization.


 Watch the Step-by-Step Video: Creating your NVCE Navigator Account

What is a Navigator Code?

A navigator code is a 6-digit unique code assigned to each Navigator account. The navigator code is designed to be utilized by explorers to connect and be managed by a Navigator.

When an Explorer wants to be managed by a specific Navigator, they must connect with that Navigator using their unique 6-digit code through their user portal. Once the code is entered, that Explorer will automatically appear in the Navigators user management roster. 


What is a Navigator Magic Link?

A magic link is a unique URL link assigned to each Navigator. A magic link has the same function as a navigator code used to connect with and manage Explorers. When an Explorer uses the link they will be asked to sign in or register so they can accept you as their Navigator to be managed.

2. How do Explorers create an account and get started?

First, users need a library card to register for the Nevada Career Explorer. Once registered, explorers can start setting their goals and complete their required assessments. Use the handout below for step-by-step instructions.


3. How can I connect with Explorers? How do I use my Navigator code?


Explorers have 3 ways to connect with a Navigator.

  1. Manual entry of a Navigators 6-digit unique code
  2. Navigator's unique magic link
  3. Drop-down menu search when an Explorer creates their Individual Career Map

1. Manual entry of the Navigator's unique 6-digit navigator code

Navigator's unique 6-digit code can be found on the top of your Navigator dashboard page.

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2. Use the Navigators' unique 'Magic Link' to register into the NVCE or Log in if they already have an account

The magic link can be found in the Navigators dashboard when they click on 'Connect with an Explorer'


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3. Navigator drop-down menu while creating their Individual Career Map (ICM).

The navigator drop-down menu can only be accessed by the Explorer when starting their ICM. As Explorers progress through their ICM they will be prompted to connect with a Navigator using the drop-down menu. 


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4. What assessments do Explorers have to complete?

  • Interest Profiler
  • Work Importance Profiler
  • Budget Your Life
  • Skills Decoder
  • Computational Thinking

5. Where do Explorers find the assessments?

Explorers interested in completing all assessments required for Project SANDI will be prompted to complete them when creating their Individual Career Map (ICM).

1. On the Explorer home page click on 'Choose a task'

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2. After completing the 'Gather General Information' task select 'Create your Individual Career Map' task. Completing your ICM will automatically prompt you to complete all required assessments. 

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Accessing assessment and other headed2 resources separately

If an Explorer wants to re-take or complete the assessments outside of the ICM. 

  1. On the Explorer home page, click on the  button.
  2. Click on  tab to view all available assessments and other resources (i.e resume builder) 



What is an Individual Career Map (ICM)?

An Explorer Individual Career Map is designed to help explorers understand their career interests, importance, and skills and earn credit for valid prior work experience. If an explorer hasn't connected with a Navigator as they complete their ICM, the explorer can request to connect with a Navigator from a drop-down menu. 

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