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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: Training Home

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Jahairy Rivera
Las Vegas, NV


Welcome to the SANDI Community of Practice Training Center!

This training site will be your one-stop shop for everything SANDI-related for our community of practice. This site is designed for trainees to learn asynchronously with live options in the future. 

We are asking all Community of Practice members to complete the following steps:

 1. Bookmark this page!

 2. Complete the early adopters’ contact information form- Click Here

 3. Sign up for the SANDI Blog  

The blog will be our primary means of sharing information with all community of practice members.

 4. Watch the SANDI Training Center Onboarding video to be brought up to speed.

 5. Visit all tabs to get a clear understanding of Project SANDI.

  • Community of Practice
  • Professional Development Modules (total of 11)
    • Complete all module assignments- Assignments are linked at the very bottom of each module.