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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: 2. Who is the Community of Practice (CoP)?

Who is the SANDI Community of Practice (COP)?

The SANDI community of practice comprises workforce professionals in the public and non-profit sector from every county in Nevada at local and state levels. These COP members include Nevada's public librarians with workforce duty assignments, community college SANDI Navigators, One-Stop coaches, state agency partners, and community non-government organizations. SANDI has brought us together to learn the SANDI 10 step process to use SANDI technology enhancements efficiently. This Process is designated to streamline communication between navigators, functions, and institutions and keep Nevadans learning and earning.

How is the Community of Practice members going to work together to serve their patrons?

Project SANDI uses the precision career navigation system Nevada CareerExplorer which is powered by Headed2. The platform is designed to provide Nevadans with career exploration and planning resources to find gainful employment or transition to a new field. The NVCE and the enhanced features are part of project SANDI's modern workforce system and integrate career navigation with user management. Users will find an easy-to-understand presentation of information with an intuitive interface throughout the system to provide patrons with easy access to accelerated training and education for in-demand living-wage occupations.


All community of practice members (COP) must register as Navigators to manage users for their organization. 

All interested patrons must register as Explorers to gain access to these resources and be managed by a Navigator.


Important Note: A Nevada library card is required to create a Nevada CareerExplorer account.  


Create your Navigator account today!

1. Create your Nevada Career Explorer Navigator Account

 2. Submit your Navigator Code- Click Here to Submit  


Libraries across the state will provide patrons with the support, tools, and resources to explore in-demand occupations currently in Nevada. Using Virtual Reality technology, 360-degree digital field trips, Assessments, and 3D objects, job seekers will understand what an in-demand STEM occupation might look like. The goal is to provide patrons with a continuum of career-related experiences through exposure, exploration, and experience.

The recruiting efforts will direct all SANDI-interested patrons in getting a library card to enroll and create their Nevada Career Explorer profile. This is required for everyone who wants to participate in Project SANDI. If a patron does not have a library card they can apply online and have one in minutes!

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