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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: How to Demo VR Headsets

How to Cast to a PC from a VR Headset

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Step by Step Casting instructions for PC

  1. Setting up your PC
  2. Casting from Arbor Home
  3. Changing settings and casting from the Pico Menu


Best practices for safe and clean use of VR in a public setting


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Public Setting Best Practices:

  1. Guardian Boundary
  2. Cleaning Headsets
  3. Adequate Space
  4. Seated Usage Preferred
  5. Simulation Sickness
  6. Outdoor use Prohibited

How to Clean And Sanitize VR Headsets

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User Basics:

  1. Cleaning Lenses
  2. Cleaning Controllers
  3. Sanitizing Headset
  4. UV cleaning Device (optional)




How to use VR Safely

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VR Use Best Practices:

  1. Space Requirements
  2. How to Protect Equipment - Important
  3. Seated use Preferred
  4. Simulation Sickness
  5. Storage Requirements


Controls and Navigation 101

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Controls and Navigation 101

  1. Idle Mode/Sleep Mode/Powering Headset off
  2. Controller Functions
  3. Using a Headset without controllers: Back Button, Home, and Enter.
  4. Redirecting Headset Orientation
  5. Navigate within VR using the controllers

VR Guardian Boundary

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Setup Basics:

  1. Boundary Settings
  2. Boundary Functions




How to Navigate Arbor Home

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Arbor Home Basics:

  1. Intro to Arbor Home
  2. Launching a VR simulation 
  3. Other Functions Location


Project SANDI Even Distribution Marketing Materials


Ample presenting space

Updated Headset 


Laptop with screencasting capabilities

Reliable WiFi

Projector with sound capabilities or TV 


VR Equipment Handouts

Need help Troubleshooting?

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