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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: FAQ: VR Content and Admin functions

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1. What's Arbor Home/Menu?

This menu allows users to access Project SANDI-related apps, i.e., virtual field trips, job shadowing, and full virtual simulations while restricting access to other content. All Project SANDI headsets are locked to the Arbor Home menu by default. Some community of practice members may need to exit the Arbor menu to access the Pico native home/menu for additional administrative functions. Please view How to Access Content Outside of Arbor for these steps.

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2. What's the native Pico home/menu?

This is the native home menu that comes installed on all Pico headsets. From here, you can log into a pico account, browse the Pico app storefront, and install apps that are not a part of Project SANDI. To return to the Arbor menu from here, locate “ArborXR Home” in the app menu. 

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3. How do I exit the Arbor home/menu to the Pico home/menu?

To exit the Arbor home/menu click on the settings icon at the bottom of the screen, click on 'Unlock Advanced Settings' followed by the admin PIN code. If you do not have the admin PIN code, contact your Project SANDI administrator, and they will be happy to share that with you. Once admin mode is unlocked, click 'Exit ArborXR Home'.



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4. How do I return the Arbor home/menu from the Pico home/menu?

To lock your headset back to the Arbor home/menu, select ArborXR home through the app menu. Once in the Arbor menu, click the red lock button on the bottom right corner.

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5. What is Guardian Boundary?

The guardian Boundary is a line on the ground that establishes a safe area for VR headset use. The boundary may be set up when a headset is turned on in a location it does not recognize or when it exits an existing boundary. A VR headset requires an active boundary to function.  As you approach the edge or step out of your guardian boundary, the boundary will appear in your display, and the headsets tracking camera will display the real environment. Sometimes this boundary is loaded from a previous session, but most of the time, the user must set up a new boundary each time they begin a VR session. 


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6. How do I set up my guardian boundary?

Users can reset their guardian boundary at any time. When any VR session is started, the user will be prompted to set up their guardian boundary. A user will have the option to set up a stationary boundary or a custom boundary. The headsets tracking camera will display the real environment throughout the boundary guardian setup. 


Quick Setup

During quick setup, your Pico headset automatically sets the floor of your space and creates a circular boundary with your headset’s current position as the center. This is the best option if you want to use VR quickly and your headset isn’t having trouble setting the floor height. The stationary boundary will prompt users to select either standing or sitting usage mode and boundary size small, medium, or large. 


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Custom Option

The custom option will allow users to set the floor level and draw their own boundary line. When setting the floor level manually, hold your controller to the floor and pull the trigger. Manually setting up the boundary involves drawing it on the floor with your controller.



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Stepping outside of the guardian boundary

If a user steps out of their guardian boundary, they can reset it by holding down the select button for 2-3 seconds on their headset while standing outside their boundary. 


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Menu Option

Users can click on the guardian boundary icon in the Arbor menu to reset their boundary.

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