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Community of Practice SANDI Training Center: FAQ: VR Headset Equipment

1. How do I power ON/OFF the headset?

To turn ON the headset, press and hold the small power button on the top for 4-5 seconds. A blue light appears next to the power button to indicate it's powered on. 

To turn the headset OFF, press and hold the same small power button on the top for 4-5 seconds. To check that the headset is shutting down by looking through the lenses a small animation of shutting down will play.

Quickly press the same small power button to put the headset in idle/sleep mode. The headset will also go into idle/sleep mode when removed from a user's head while turned on. Putting the headset on or quickly pressing the same button will bring it back from idle/sleep mode.

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2. How do I turn on/off the controllers?

To turn ON the controllers, press the Home button, which has Pico Logos.  

To turn OFF the controllers, the controllers will turn off automatically when the headset does. 


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3. Can I use my headset without controllers?

Yes, when your headset does not detect your controllers due to your controllers not being charged or not working, you can only navigate the home menus without them. Your headset will act as your pointer; use the center of your view as your pointer. A light blue circle in your center will appear to view as your pointer, and use the back, select, and home button on the right side of your headset to make the selections.

Please note: You will need your controllers to enter any virtual reality environments (i.e., job shadows, field trips, full simulations)


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4. Where is the home button?

Controllers: To return to the home menu, press the home button .


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Headset: To return to the home menu, press the bottom button  on the right side of the headset. 


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5. Which one is the back button?

Controllers: To jump back by one selection, press the back button on either controller.  

Headset: To jump back by one selection, press the top button on the right side of the headset. 



6. Which one is the Confirm/Select button?



7. Whats the 'trigger' button?

8. How do I grab something in VR?

The large buttons on the inside of your controllers are the grip buttons. The grip buttons are used to hold and manipulate objects in VR.

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9. How do I make a selection in VR?

When a user is navigating either in the Native Pico menu or Arbor home, you will use your controller to point and click. Either controller will work; use your controller like a laser pointer and highlight your selection. You can click either by pulling the trigger on the back of the controller or by pressing the 'A' or 'X' buttons

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10. How do I teleport in VR?

When in one of Lifeliqe's courses or job shadow simulation, you can use the control sticks to move around. The VR field trips keep users stationary and do not allow users to teleport. To teleport, hold down the thumbstick without releasing it. Point the controller to the floor to maneuver your avatar to the spot you want to land in. Releasing the thumbstick will teleport the user to the desired spot on the ground. 

Tip!: Practice makes perfect; teleporting is sometimes challenging for new users. This comes with time and practice. 


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 The direction you face after teleporting will depend on the direction you held the stick before you released it. 


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11. How do I change direction in VR? How do I face a different direction without teleporting?

While stationary, turning your head in either direction will change your view of the VR space. 

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While stationary, quickly snapping the thumbstick left or right will rotate the room 90 degrees in that direction. 


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12. How do I reorient my headset? How do I redirect the headset?

If at any point you want to reorient your headset or change the direction of the front of the scene you're in. Hold the home button on your controllers or headset for 2-3 seconds. 



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13. My controllers don't connect to my headset. How do I re-pair my controllers?

If your controllers are not connecting to your headset, ensure they are not controllers for a different headset. Controllers are not interchangeable unless they are unpaired and re-paired to a headset. 

To manually pair controllers, first access the Pico home/menu. Once in the Pico home/menu, click on the 'settings' icon. In the settings menu, click on 'controllers.' Then click 'Add Controllers.' Your headset will search for controllers that are in pairing mode. Once the searching headset detects controllers that are in pairing mode, the headset will automatically connect to the controllers. 


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14. How do I put my controllers in Pairing Mode?

To put the controllers in pairing mode, hold down the home button  AND the trigger button until the light on the controller begins blinking. Once the searching controllers detect controllers that are in pairing mode, the two devices should pair automatically. 


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15. How do I unpair a controller?


Hold down the home button  AND the trigger button until the light on the controller begins blinking. Once the controllers are blinking, the controllers are unpaired.


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Via Headset Settings

In the Pico home/menu, click on the 'settings' icon. Once in the settings menu, click on 'controllers.' Then click 'controller configuration.' next, click 'unbind.'


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